Whats The Latest Hairstyle Everyone Loves Right Now?



5-6-2014 by: ADMIN

Have you been paying attention to the latest and coolest hair style for this summer? I live in Southern California and I see everyone wearing this style. It is the PIXIE haircut. I have been wearing my hair this way for quite a while and I get tons of complements from strangers and the most shocking thing about these compliments is that about 75% of them are from men. When my hair was long and light brown I got very few compliments and none of them were from men. At my age (let’s just say over 40) you just don’t get that many complements from men you don’t know anymore. Well with my pixie I do so I’m just pointing out that men must like the pixie quite a bit.

Below you will see a pixie that is very much like mine and it is one I just love. You can get other ideas and find out how to style it at this website http://www.latest-hairstyles.com/trends/pixie.html which is where I found the picture. The tips on this site are really good.


And you know what else is great about a pixie? You can style it in about 3 minutes. Usually I wash it every other day let it towel dry and maybe finish it off with a blow dryer for about 1 min. Then let it finish drying while I dress and put on my makeup. A minute with your styling gel and you are out the door. But look on that website for the recommended gel for the pixie you decide to try.

Ok so the other thing I get a lot of compliments on is my hair color. It is white and has been since I was 30. The color you can see in the picture below, check it out on this site http://ilona1.squidoo.com/beautiful-gray-hair .

And again most of the compliments come from men that I don’t even know. I used to die it light brown and never got a compliment and it is really a pain to die white hair (which is quite different from gray).

Maye Musk

And one last thing you will really save money. I used to spend about $200 per month getting a cut and die, now only $30 per month. So what do I do with all the extra money? Well I have to save that for another time.

Make life easy this summer.