There are many underlying disorders that can cause weak nails. It was because I had weak nails that I found this nail strengthener. The weak nails were also one of the symptoms that lead me to my doctor; and I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.  For months before going to the doctor I did not know what was wrong and I tried many products to stop my nails from cracking and splitting. I am going to describe to you the program that worked.

I have never had really strong nail but now they were much worse and I had to cut them really short because they would split so far down. So short, in fact, that it was uncomfortable you know the feeling when your nails are too short. That’s how short I would have to cut them.  After cutting them I would file them with a glass file; the only type I will use now.  Other files can damage your nails.



Then apply Nailtiques. It comes in several different formulas and you can research them online to find the best for you. I started with 2 but had to move to 3. After your nails improve you will need  a lower formula. Read the directions and follow them exactly. The color is clear although I have had people comment that they like the clear nail polish. I did not expect anyone to notice. It took 4 to 6 months for full improvement but now my nails are stronger than ever. Of course I am being treated for hypothyroidism also; but my nails had improved before I found out about that.



Nailtiques also makes colored nail polish. Works great and can be used over their treatment formulas.


You may have to find these products on line and they aren’t cheap but worth it. Read the reviews.

Good luck, hope this helps.