First let me say HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!

Well what could be more important to write about on Valentines Day than beauty? Except maybe love but beauty is my area of expertise so I will leave love to an expert in that field.

So today not only will I write about my favorite topic(beauty) but also my favorite secret. If you know me from any other sites you will know that my number 1 secrete is SUNSCREEN. There is nothing that damages your skin like the sun. Anyone who knows me knows that I am close to obsessed with the use of sunscreen. Some of this is the result of my son having had melanoma, with a full recovery.

Most likely you have heard that the sun causes wrinkles and dark spots and since no one wants to stay inside and hats mess up our hair nothing is left but sunscreen. I have tried many and whenever I find one that works and is not greasy under makeup I like to share it with my readers. I love this one, just read the reviews.



You must wear sunscreen under your makeup every day even if you are only outside for a few minutes. When you are in the car you are getting just as much exposure as when you are outside.  That’s why the left side of your face has more damage when you get older than the right side; it gets the exposure when you are driving. I have talked to many people who say they are not outside so they don’t need the sunscreen.  Well a 30 minute commute to and from work every day is 60 minutes total exposure.

And we would all like our hands to look like this when we get older. So what is the most important thing you can do? You guessed it, put your sunscreen on your hands every day and keep some in your car or purse because every time you wash your hands you must reapply.



Our face and hands give away our age more than anything so always protect them.